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The Customer and the General Investor of the project Trade-and-Entertainment Complex “Planet Neptun” that has the first in Russia Oceanarium as a part of it is Company CJSC “Rubin” founded in 1992.

CJSC “Rubin” (hyperlink to the site) has implemented several commercial projects. The best known of them is International Business Center (IBC) “Neptun” ( located at 93-a Obvodny Channel.

Within the period from 1992 to 2000 CJSC “Rubin” (hyperlink to the site) constructed three stages of IBC “Neptun”. IBC contains the business-center with a branch office of OJSC “Bank VTB North-West”, hotel that is the member of the International system “Best Western International”, restaurants, bars and cafes, sports-and-entertainment complex with bowling, swimming-pool, steam sauna, Finnish bath etc. There is a large and convenient parking.

Construction of Trade-and-Entertainment Complex “Planet Neptun” was the next stage in implementing the supported by CJSC “Rubin” (hyperlink to the site) concept on the development of the territory (its historical name is Sementsy) adjacent to Marata Street, Zvenigorodskaya Street and Obvodny Channel. ((hyperlink to tab HISTORY).

The project initiators understood the complicated nature of implementing the idea to construct in Saint-Petersburg not just one more trade-and-entertainment complex but an oceanarium with inhabitants of ocean deep waters and freshwaters. It was required to design, create and provide operation of the unique life-support systems for the underwater world inhabitants from very different climatic zones under our northern conditions.

This complicated engineering and technical task was resolved due to creative cooperation and efficient interaction of all project participants. Management of Trade-and-Entertainment Complex “Planet Neptun” is entrusted by the owner CJSC “Rubin (hyperlink to the site) with “Management Company “Planet Neptun” Ltd. Its employees have experience in the management and exploitation of Trade-and-Office Center “Atrium in 25 Nevsky”.

In addition to the Oceanarium the Trade-and-Entertainment Complex “Planet Neptun” includes the museum of dinosaurs and park of attractions for kids “Dino-Park”, virtual reality complex “Trans-Force”, super modern attraction “Horrors of Saint-Petersburg”, supermarket “Perekriostok”, shops of large trade operators (Adidas, L’Etuale, OGGI, Columbia, Titanic, Krasny Kub etc.), fast food cafes McDonalds, Kroshka-Kartoshka, Asian restaurants Al’-shark and Dom Arigato and many others. Free underground parking is a great convenience for visitors.

Nowadays Saint-Petersburg is the only city in Russia that has such a unique Complex. The Oceanarium will cultivate love and respect to the nature, responsibility for the environment in our children and us. Every day we receive and arrange excursions for students and pupils not only from our city but also from other regions of Russia, including free visits of the Oceanarium for inmates of Children’s Homes and specialized boarding schools.


The social orientation of TEC “Planet Neptun”, the original concept of architectural and engineering solutions were convincing and weighty arguments for the Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg to take a decision dated June 15, 2006 on conferring CJSC “Rubin” (hyperlink to the site) with honorable award “For the Best Building Constructed in Saint-Petersburg in 2005”.


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