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The Trade-and-Entertainment Complex (TEC) “Planet Neptun” is a building of 28,800 square meters with a ground floor and two floors above it. It was commissioned on April 27, 2006.  The Complex “Planet Neptun” includes the museum of dinosaurs and park of attractions for kids “Dino-Park”, virtual reality complex “Trans-Force”, super modern attraction “Horrors of Saint-Petersburg”, supermarket “Perekriostok”, shops of large trade operators (Adidas, L’Etuale, OGGI, Columbia, Titanic, Krasny Kub eyc.), fast food cafes McDonalds, Kroshka-Kartoshka, Asian restaurants Al’-shark and Dom Arigato and many others. The main place of interest in the Complex is the first in Russia Oceanarium  of about 5000 square meters.

The architectural center of TEC first stage building is the central gallery with the secondary light and natural lighting through the glass bay window extending along the entire gallery. The main entrance from Marata Street into the Complex first stage leads directly to the central gallery.

The central gallery is the main “distribution” center for visitor flows. Visitors can get to the second floor from the gallery using the main staircase, two elevators working both for lifting and lowering and 4 large-size elevators of the carrying capacity of 2.1 tons each.

It is possible to use travolators to get from the underground parking (in the ground floor) to the first floor and back.

In addition to four elevators located in the central gallery the Complex is also equipped with 8 passenger elevators “Otis” that allow visitors to move between the floors.

The Complex dispatching system allows optimizing operation of all the systems inside the Complex and turns the Complex into a “smart” building.

The first in Russia Oceanarium is located on the area of both the ground and first floors of the building. The entrance to the Oceanarium is from the central gallery of the Complex.

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