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The Trade-and-Entertainment Complex (TEC) “Planet Neptun”, that has the first in Russia Oceanarium as a part of it, was inaugurated for its visitors on April 27, 2006.
The Complex is located in the center of Saint-Petersburg at the corner of Marata Street and Zvenigorodskaya Street. The historical name of this area – Sementsy – is derived from the name of Life Guards of the Semenovsky regiment. Under the Decree issued by Empress Anna Ioannovna in 1739 the territory from Zvenigorodskaya Street to Moskovsky Avenue belonged to that regiment.
The area bounded by Zagorodny Avenue, Zvenigorodskaya Street, Obvodny Channel and Vitebskaya railway was a parade ground of the regiment. The Semenovsky parade-ground, as it was usually referred to, was enclosed with an earth mound till the early 1840s. The territory where TEC “Planet Neptun” is located was occupied by the forage yard of the Semenovsky regiment.  
The Semenovsky parade-ground was usually used for military exercises and ceremonial parades. It is also known with the gloomy events that happened there. On December 22, 1849 Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky underwent capital punishment trial there as one among Petrashevsky’s society members. On April 3, 1881, members of the “Narodnaya Volya”, who had organized assassination of Emperor Alexander II, were executed on the same place.
In the middle of 1880s the Semenovsky parade-ground was handed over to the Trotter Horse-breeding Society, after that the area was occupied by the race track up to 1940.
During the World War II the flak elements were located at the territory of the race track.
In 1962 after the territory had been reconstructed and developed, the building of the young people’s theatre was erected. The monument to A.S.Griboedov was put up on the square in front of the theatre. A large park was deployed at the site of the Semenovsky parade-ground..
At present, International Business Center “Neptun”, Vitebsky Railway Station and metro stations “Pushkinskaya” and “Zvenigorodskaya” are located nearby TEC “Planet Neptun”.

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