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Рыбы главного аквариума

The central point of interest in our Oceanarium is the Main Tank with the capacity of 750 thousand liters. The only in Russia underwater tunnel of 35 meters long with a moving path is at the depth of 3 meters. The acrylic glass of 8 cm thick separates the underwater inhabitants from the visitors. It is completely safe and extremely enthralling to be inside the tunnel as the entire underwater life is displayed before your eyes.
Our Main Tank is a dwelling for 23 sharksof 5 species with the length of 50 centimeters to 3 meters. In addition to them morays are hiding in secluded grottoes, night predators – groupers (giant snappers) – are sleeping during the day in the shadow of flat corals. Pilot-fishes are escorting the largest male shark, which name is Pirate. Having lost its host, a clingfish is anxiously rushing about until it finds again a suitable “carrier”.
Daily at 7 p.m. you can become a witness of a breathtaking performance – «Shark Show». Our professional divers will prove you that not only sea bears and dolphins but also sea predators – sharks - yield to training.

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