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Пресноводные рыбы Северо-Запада

Fresh-Water Fishes of the RUSSIAN NORTH-WEST
The journey in a mysterious underwater world of our planet starts from this particular zone. At the very entrance you will meet very typical inhabitants of waters in our region. The natural conditions of the Russian North-West are extremely various and favourable for underwater inhabitants. A lot of rivers, large and small lakes with their variety of fresh-water fauna are situated at this vast territory. At the same time in the Gulf of Finland we can meet sea animals.   
There are about 110 fish species counted only in Leningrad Region. The most quantity of them – 58 species – is known as those from the Gulf of Finland. It is easy to explain this phenomenon: fresh-water, migratory and sea fishes live constantly and temporarily here.
Almost one third of all fishes in our regional reservoirs are carps - 22 species. Among them there are the species preferring to live in flowing waters: vimba vimba, sabrefish, gudgeon, dace and sazan. Other fishes usually live in the rivers with a slow and quiet current or in small lakes: tench, crucian carp. Some species live equally well in different reservoirs. They are nerfling, bream, muvarica, and ubiquitous roach. Newcomers from other regions also live in our area. Thus, recently Koi carp with its remarkably bright coloration has widely settled in the European reservoirs. The history of brown bullhead is very interesting. In 1947 during the lean post-war years brown bullhead was brought to Russia and there were made several attempts to breed it as a food item. Brown bullhead was not widely spread, but sometimes it can be found in our reservoirs. It stands to reason, that we cannot show all these species simultaneously, but periodically renewed display will give you an opportunity to see various fishes of the Russian North-West.       
In addition to the well-known fishes our visitors will be able to see the fishes that became very rear nowadays. We display several sturgeon species.

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