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Cliffy Coast

At the entrance to this zone you will be able to see (if you are lucky), how a famous angler fish is catching its prey. This unique animal derived its name from the original way of hunting. Its female has the first ray of the dorsal fin shifted to the head and used as a fishing-rod. At the tip of this rod there is a lure attracting the prey that doesn't expect to fall into a trap.
After visiting our cave you will be able to feel a boundless power of the sea surf.
One of the most interesting places on the planet is sea coasts. They can be various: steep and sloping, sandy and cliffy. The representatives of the animal world living in these places are also various and interesting. In our open tanks you will be able to see how starfishes are moving, how small bamboo sharks (which do not exceed 50 centimeters when in their adulthood) are living, how Diogenes-crabs are trying their new shells-houses on and how rays are fed. In delusively empty tank you will hardly be able to notice at once attentive eyes of a ray or flounder staring at you.

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