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Tropical Forest

The representatives of both fresh-water and brackish-water ichthyofauna from various geographic regions are displayed here. They are combined by their habitation in the tropical rain forest.
The vegetation zone with a wet and warm climate stretches out along the equator. Tropical rain forest can exist exactly in such conditions. During raining season, rivers and lakes overflow the banks flooding the vast territories. Various species of fishes adapted to existence at such flooded territories in a different manner.    
Amazon River stretches out for 6565 km. A dense network of turns, bends and cutoffs at the vast territory, constantly changing existence conditions, where heavy showers alternate with heat periods, happened to be the superb environment for appearance of the richest and most variegated ichthyofauna on the Earth. Ichthyologists count about 2500 fish species here, i.e. one third of the whole variety of fresh-water fish kingdom on our planet. Well-known piranhas, dragon fishes, fresh-water bluespotted stingrays and other exotic fish species are displayed as the unique inhabitants of the Amazon. 
Mangroves are woody-bush brakes growing on regularly flooded areas of the sea coasts and river mouths protected from surf and storms by coral reefs or coastal islands. Mangroves are spread mainly in wet tropics – on the sea coasts of Eastern Africa, South Asia, Australia and Oceania.
Out of the most interesting inhabitants of mangroves we display banded archerfishes (schooling fishes of small size that bring down insects flying above the water by a water jet from the mouth), blue discuses and several species of shrimps.

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