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What is Public Aquarium?

Spacemen say that the colour of the Earth is blue. And it is hard to doubt – two thirds of the Earth’s surface are covered by water. One half of all the vertebrates are water inhabitants. For the sake of Justice it would be reasonable to come up with a suggestion to rename our planet into Water rather than Earth as its main inhabitants are those who live in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

Mysteries of marine life are very attractive. That is why more Public Aquariums are being created every year in different countries allowing its visitors see a real miracle through the thick glass.

What is Public Aquarium? First of all, it is a marine museum with the live exhibits – aquatic sphere inhabitants. Some of us dream about the sea shore, but even when you get there you probably don’t expect to encounter a nanny-shark, a moray eel or a dangerous and beautiful fire fish… or anything! Public Aquarium is the place where the most experienced traveler will have his dreams come true.

Saint-Petersburg Public Aquarium is a unique attraction centre for Russia and it is a gem of the whole “Planeta Neptun” complex. The idea of creating the Public Aquarium belongs to Rubin CJSC and it is implemented by the Finnish architect Hannu Laitila.


Our first visitors were able to see a piece of ocean in our Northern Capital on the 27th of April 2006. Since then 3.5 million people have attended the exhibition. Among these there are native Petersburgers as well as the guests of our city, many of which coming from far far away. Many of our visitors come more than once, and every time they see something new, as our exhibition is being constantly renovated. And our plan is not to give up – we will continue to surprise and to amaze our guests with new representatives of the aquatic sphere.

In our Public Aquarium not only the complete immersion into the magical oceanic atmosphere is possible, but also attending an exciting show with sharks and seals (every day except Monday).

what is public aquarium?

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