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Цены на входные билеты

Prior to visiting us please make acquaintance with Oceanarium Visit Regulations.
Oceanarium Visit Regulations
Dear guests of the Oceanarium, please, follow the below regulations during your visit of the Oceanarium:
1. Visitors who have privileges and discounts are asked to produce the respective documents
2. The visitors shall obey the requests and recommendations of the Oceanarium's employees.
3. The following is prohibited at the Oceanarium's territory:

  • To visit the Oceanarium in a state of alcohol intoxication, in dirty clothes or overalls
  • To smoke
  • To bring or carry animals
  • To touch upon tanks and exhibits, touch upon inhabitants in the open tanks
  • It is strictly prohibited to feed fish, throw food and foreign objects (coins etc.) into tanks
  • To use photo- and video cameras with flash

4. The guided tours can be made in the Oceanarium only by the guides of the Oceanarium staff .
5. The Administration has the right to refuse visit of the Oceanarium to any person without explanations.
6. The Administration reserves the right to regulate the quantity of visitors at the display.
7. Should any of the present regulations is broken, the Administration has the right to impose a fine in the amount of 1000 Rubles and move the visitor out of the Oceanarium.
8. Visitors take liability for breakage of the Oceanarium's equipment and damage of inhabitants.

цены на входные билеты

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